Guide To Vehicle Advertising


There are many different and creative ways to advertise your business today. You don’t only have the traditional means using flyers, newspaper ads, or billboards but there is an advertising trend in vehicle advertising. In this form of advertising, you put your business information in some form on your car so that potential customers can see it on the go. Below are some of the most popular St. Louis Vehicle Wraps advertising forms and you can simply choose what is best for your company.

The most extreme version of vehicle advertising is car wraps. If you notice a car covered with bright colored graphic advertising their business then these are called car wraps. These wraps are made from vinyl material with your advertisement printed on it. This is also quite an expensive option since they are so large and must be designed to fit your car. But it is a very good way to grab the attention of others and will be worth the money in the long run.

A more toned down version of car wraps is vehicle lettering. You can usually find this kind of advertising with landscaping companies or contractors. They have vehicle letters on their company cars. Vehicle lettering is die cut vinyl that you place over the car paint with your company information on it, just like a sticker. You are not limited to lettering but most companies do printed graphics which feature their logo or other images. The difference between this and car wraps is that is does not cover the entire surface of your vehicle or large portions of it. They are really made to enhance the look of your vehicle so that it has a professional appearance while letter people know about your company.

Realtors, contractors, and others in the industry use see through graphics on their vehicles. These graphics are images printed on vinyl that have tiny perforations cut into them so that you can see through them while they are placed on your windows. From the outside it appears like a solid imaged and is a great way to take your business face out there without taking over the entire car. Check out this website at for more facts about cars.

Car magnets can be printed very large and act like an oversized business car that you can attach to your vehicle. The best part is that you can remove them when not in use. They do not require some work if you want to keep the magnet in good working condition. You should place it on a vehicle in a clear area and you need to keep it in a flat storage. Many people place them on refrigerators or filing cabinets when they are not on the car.

You now have a better idea of the types of Custom LED Light Bars options that you can use. Consider these options and you will be bringing in customers fast.


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